International Data Exchange Workshop

Building a Global Data Network for Studies of Earth Processes at the World's Plate Boundaries

May 9-11 , 2007
Hotel Birke
Kiel, Germany

Convened by: S. Carbotte (LDEO, USA), K. Lehnert (LDEO, USA), W. Weinrebe (IFM-GEOMAR, Germany), and S. Tsuboi (JAMSTEC-IFREE, Japan).

Information for Participants


The meeting is being held at the Hotel Birke in Kiel, Germany from 5/9-5/11. For full information about the venues, please access the Hotel Birke website (website will open in another window). The phone number for the Hotel Birke is +49(0)431-5331-0. Accommodation during the course of the meeting will be at the Hotel Birke and additionally at the Hotel Astor (website will open in another window). The phone number for the Hotel Astor is +49 (0)431 9979-0.


Traveling time between the Hamburg airport and Kiel is about one hour and can be accomplished by bus, train or taxi.

Taking the the Kielius bus is by fare the easiest and least expensive method method of transport between Hamburg and Kiel. Click here for more detailed information on bus transportation.

To take the train to Kiel, you must first use an airport bus to get to the city center, the final bus stop is close to the main train station. Train tickets cost about 25 EUR one way and can be bought in advance or at the train station (there are ticket selling machines and counters). Please note that the whole trip takes much longer than riding Kielius and is slightly more expensive.

You could also take a taxi from the airport to Kiel, a taxi booked in advance costs about 75 EUR for one way. This could be a good option for people flying in at the same time that are able to share a ride. The taxi fare without advanced booking is uncertain. VINETA taxi is the company that cooperates with the Kielius bus service; their phone number is +49-431-77070 from outside Germany and 0431-77070 inside Germany. Another company is Kieler Taxi Zentrale, their number is +49-431-680101 from outside Germany and 0431-680101 from inside Germany.

An 8-passenger shuttle bus will run between the Hotel Astor and Hotel Birke (and vice versa) for the duration of the meeting (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).

If you need more detailed information regarding transport between Hamburg and Kiel, please contact Wilhelm Weinrebe (


If your flight is delayed or you encounter other problems during travel, please phone the Hotel Birke and ask them to pass on a message to Cary Kandel.


The meeting room will be equiped with wireless internet and ethernet cables. There will also be room to display 20-30 posters. Posters should be no larger than 3' x 4' (we could recommend using A0 or archE-format 35" x 48"). Please email Cary Kandel ( if you plan to bring a poster.


Travel reimbursements will be made after the meeting. Full instructions will be given to you at the meeting.


The Workshop Program is posted on this website and will be updated as needed.

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