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MARGINS Postdoctoral Fellowship: The Role of Sediment Diagenesis and Dewatering on Fluid and Heat Flow, Costa Rica Margin

Latest Amendment Date June 10, 2003
Award Number 0304946
Award Instrument Standard Grant
Program Manager Carolyn D. Ruppel
OCE Division of Ocean Sciences
GEO Directorate for Geosciences
Start Date June 1, 2003
Expires May 31, 2005 (Estimated)
Awarded Amount to Date $100000
Investigator(s) Michael Underwood UnderwoodM@missouri.edu (Principal Investigator)
Sponsor University of Missouri-Columbia
Office of Sponsored Prgm Admin
Columbia, MO 65211 573/882-7560
Field Application(s) 0204000 Oceanography
Program Reference Code(s) OTHR,0000
Program Element Code(s) 5720


This award will support a MARGINS post-doctoral fellowship to examine how ubducted sediments affect fluid pressure, fluid flow patterns and frictional properties within subduction zones. This project will address two fundamental questions about the role of sediments in subduction zones: 1) how are diagenetic fluid sources partitioned between opal and smectite dewatering on the Costa Rica margin (and therefore how deep in the subduction zone is most of the fluid produced), and 2) how do along-strike variations in heat flow and sediment composition affect the patterns of diagenetic fluid sources, fluid pressures, fluid flow, and possibly the updip limit of seismicity within the subduction zone?

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