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The Next Decade of The Seismogenic Zone Experiment

Mt. Hood, Oregon
22-26 September, 2008

Presentations from SEIZE 2008

N. Bangs
Welcome/Goals of the Workshop
ppt (220 KB)
D. Smith
NSF Update
ppt (103 KB)
H. Tobin
NanTroSEIZE: The IODP Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment
ppt (14 MB)
G. Moore
Structural and stratigraphic setting of the NanTroSEIZE Kumano transect from 3D seismic data
ppt (55 MB)
H. Tobin
In situ properties, structure, and state of stress in the NanTroSEIZE transect: Logging While Drilling results from IODP Expedition 314
ppt (14 MB)
T. Byrne
Preliminary results from IODP Expedition 315, Nankai Trough
ppt (11 MB)
G. Kimura
Nankai Trough shallow splay and frontal thrust: IODP Expedition 316
ppt (33 MB)
Y. Ito
Very-low-frequency earthquake within accretionary prism along Nankai Trough
ppt (23 MB)
M. Protti
Seismicity reveals clear segmentation and differences in coupling along the Costa Rica subduction zone
ppt (19 MB)
K. McIntosh
Seismic reflection and refraction structure of the Middle America trench, Nicaragua and Costa Rica
ppt (54 MB)
A. Newman
Geodetic and seismic characteristics of the Middle America Trench: Focus on northern Costa Rica and Nicaragua
ppt (14 MB)
P. LaFemina
Forearc motion and Cocos Ridge collision in Central America
ppt (34 MB)
R. Harris
The thermal structure of the Costa Rica margin along the Middle
America trench
ppt (6 MB)
C. Ranero
Costa Rica seismogenesis project (CRISP), a complex drilling proposal at the IODP
ppt (39 MB)
D. Fisher
Variations in shallow structure across the Sumatran Forearc based on a high resolution single-channel seismic reflection survey
ppt (33 MB)
J.-P. Avouac
Interseismic stress build up, co-seismic stress release and afterslip on the Sumatra megathrust
ppt (46 MB)
C. Goldfinger
Plate boundary submarine paleoseismology
ppt (39 MB)
A. Trehu
Low angle thrust earthquakes in the "locked zone" beneath the central Cascadia continental margin
ppt (38 MB)
J.C. Moore
World’s thickest seismogenic fault rock from a subduction complex, Kodiak Islands, Alaska
ppt (15 MB)
S. Kirby
Great and giant subduction earthquakes and regional and transoceanic tsunamis that they spawn: Global trends, exceptions to the trends and geohazards implications
ppt (16 MB)
E. Davis
Using pressure as a proxy for strain: A review of ODP/IODP “CORK” technology and observations
ppt (103 MB)
E. Roeloffs
Borehole strainmeters: Instruments for measuring aseismic deformation in subduction zones
ppt (10 MB)
D. Chadwell
Seafloor geodesy: Transitioning to continuous monitoring of plate motion in subduction zones
ppt (2 MB)
E. Araki
Development of cabled seafloor seismo-geodetic network and seafloor borehole observatories in the Nankai Trough
ppt (11 MB)
K. Wang
Observing a subduction-zone earthquake cycle within a decade
ppt (4 MB)
K. Brown
Slow and fast slip events. How could we study them?
ppt (14 MB)
S. Schwartz
Slow slip- An ubiquitous yet poorly understood mode of strain release
ppt (4 MB)
C. Ammon
Broadband seismic imaging of large earthquake ruptures
ppt ()
Y. Liu
Role of fault dilatancy in subduction zone aseismic deformation transients
ppt (5 MB)
C. Marone
Mechanics of the seismogenic zone: Frictional properties and hydromechanical processes related to the updip transition from stable to
unstable faulting
ppt (30 MB)
D. Reed
Bringing MARGINS science to the Classroom – Examples from SEIZE
ppt (20 MB)

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