On this page, the MARGINS Office will collect data and information on the Anatahan Volcano. Please check back for updates.
Anatahan on the internet:
Web page of a group of scientists who were conducting investigations connected to MARGINS on and around Anatahan at the time of the eruption. Many additional links.
Washington University's news story about the adventures of the group of researchers during the eruption
NOAA Ocean Explorer research cruise website with special Anatahan page.
Northern Marianas EMO website
Two photos and a paragraph of background information from VolcanoWorld.
Brief geographic and environmental information and a simple map of the island on a website with information about the Mariana Islands
Norwegian volcano information webpage
The fascinating, although not geologically related, story of a group of Japanese who refused to accept that World War II was over and lived on the island until 1951. Note that the volcano is claimed to be "extinct"...

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