MARGINS Successor Program
Planning Meeting

San Antonio, Texas
February 15 - 17, 2010

Deadline for applications: November 6, 2009

Convened by: Julia Morgan ( - Chair, Ramon Arrowsmith (
Mark Behn (, Sue Bilek (, Cindy Ebinger (
Marc Hirschmann (, Demian Saffer (, Doug Wiens (
Andrew Goodliffe ( - Education Liaison, Tom Gardner ( - Local Liaison
MARGINS Steering Committee Chair: Geoff Abers (

In its first decade, the MARGINS program has yielded fundamental insights into the processes that shape the evolution of active continental margins. NSF authorization of a MARGINS Successor Program now depends on community development of a clear and focused Science Plan that identifies and elucidates fundamental, multidisciplinary scientific objectives with high potential for transformative discoveries in the evolution and geodynamics of subduction and rifted margins. The Science Plan must also map out the structure of the program. Key decisions will be made at this workshop to lay the groundwork for the new Science Plan, including:

- Define high-priority Research Questions
- Outline the Initiative Structure and Scientific Goals
- Identify Focus Sites or Thematic Topics to meet the goals
- Define new MARGINS educational / outreach programs
- Provide guidance to the Science Plan Writing Team

This planning workshop represents a critical step for furthering MARGINS research. To ensure broad community representation and full consideration of emerging opportunities and new directions in MARGINS research, all scientists with interests in plate margins science are encouraged to apply, in particular, young investigators and members of under-represented groups. Present or previous MARGINS funding is not a prerequisite for attendance.

For more information about the meeting plan, please see the full announcement.

Eligible participants will be provided with full or partial funding for travel, accommodation and meals.

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